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There are 12.7 million jobs in the education industry with almost 50% of those jobs being teachers. The opportunities for adult education jobs are greater than ever before. Self-enrichment and post secondary teaching positions will see a 38% to 40% growth by 2012.

Adult education jobs encompass a wide variety of subjects. Basic education is still a major need, encompassing basic reading, writing and math skills. Teachers are also need for acquired languages, such as English as a Second Language courses. There is, in fact, a demand for bilingual teachers who can teach English to non-English speaking students. Depending on the institution, either a bachelorís or a masterís degree is required for teach basic education skills. Adult education jobs are also available in vocational and technical subjects, such as computer repair and computer programming.

Adult education jobs are also available in vocational and technical schools. Computer skills are increasingly necessary in the workplace and educators for these skills are in high demand. A variety of computer courses are taught in adult continuing education, such as Microsoft Office, database programs, basic to advanced programming and computer repair. Professional certification is usually required to teach this type of adult education course and often a bachelorís degree is required.

When teaching remedial academic courses taken for college credit, a teacher will most generally need a masterís degree in the subject taught.

Teachers in adult education courses require special skills to motivate, instruct and, at the same time, put their adult students at ease in the classroom. Adult students often lack self-confidence and self-esteem and it is up to the teacher to help the student acquire these personal assets through the successful completion of the course. Adults also require specialized instruction in that they need to be able to put their lessons to practical application. For example, when teaching a computer course in a spreadsheet application, the teacher will have the students create their own spreadsheets; in order to practice the techniques they have learned and relate to how they will be using the program in the workplace.

Subjects most in demand in adult education jobs are:
* Word Processing, Spreadsheet and Database programs
* Computer keyboarding and Data Entry
* Basic Math
* Basic Literacy
* Foreign Languages and English as a Second Language
* Public Speaking
* Photography

Adult education jobs are available in a variety of locations. Distance learning is becoming increasingly popular for adult education because of the time constraints on adult students and teachers are in demand for these courses. Many corporations employee full-time instructors for their on-site training programs. Adult education jobs can be found in the community at high schools, churches, park districts and residential facilities where educational facilities have been set up. And, of course, adult education jobs can be found in colleges and universities.